Northumbria Coalition Against Crime joins forces with the NBCS to reduce crime and disorder across the North East and help enrich the lives of young people and communities in disadvantaged areas.

Supporting the lives of young people and their communities that raise them is incredibly important to our society and future crime levels. Businesses experience young people in many ways, the promising apprentice, the diligent worker, the rising creative and unfortunately the future organised offender. To tackle crime we must look at different ways to prevent individuals eventually being featured on crime alerts across the UK.

The North East of England has led the way for many years in relation to the collaborative and holistic regional approach they use to reduce crime while the NBCS has focused on that organised travelling offender. Northumbria Coalition Against Crime (NCAC), a registered charity, is 30 years old and has always had supporting young people and business at the core of their ethos. They do this by working with young people and their families who are at risk of offending or re-offending and businesses to identify risks and opportunities to support the reduction of crime and disorder.

One of the key projects within the charity is the North East Retail Crime Partnership (NERCP), an established and accredited regional Business Crime Reduction Partnership which acts as an intelligence hub for businesses, police and other agencies across the region. The NERCP have a strong and unique relationship with the 3 North East Police Forces and is supported by a dedicated Steering Group of regional loss prevention managers, shopping centre management and police representatives. They are an excellent example of how a region can effectively deliver a business crime reduction operation.

NBCS and NERCP have always had common goals and shared intelligence for the benefit of members. Through a new partnership bringing the North East more formally into the Nationwide NBCS Connect network, we instantly increase the value to members of both organisations.

By establishing a partner relationship with NCAC’s wider charity programmes, NBCS are in a position to expose the fantastic work done by the Youth and Community programme to steer young people away from offending and appearing on information sharing platforms across the region and further afield.

NBCS Connect lead Sarah Bird said

“As an industry we must look at a 360 degree approach to crime reduction and supporting the work done by Northumbria Coalition Against Crime through NBCS is a great step towards this vision. By working more closely with the North East Retail Crime Partnership and their members, we can close the gap, identify and target the most prolific and organised offenders operating in and around the region. By highlighting the fantastic work of the youth programme, we hope to encourage other areas to adopt a similar approach.”

NCAC CEO, Sharon Brown said

“In partnering with NBCS we aim to provide a joined-up offer to our business members to support them in tackling crime, and to promote the preventative work we do with children and young people to deter them from offending.”

On behalf of the NBCS network Welcome!


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