The NBCS only work with trusted partners that support our members vision and strategy in regards to reducing business crime.

Working closely alongside our member organisations, our Associate Members are with us every step of the way. Listening to the needs and current trends, then supporting our members in reducing the issues they are facing, whether this is internal fraud, technology, violence reduction or burglary prevention, we have a partner solution that is trusted and supported by the NBCS.

In return for the associate member’s continued support, innovation and service, our member organisations use the services of our associate members before considering others. This membership led approach ensures the ultimate goal of reducing business crime is achieved in a secure and trusted environment.

If your business needs support on any projects, tendering process, crime prevention solutions or innovation, please contact our specialist management team who as part of your membership will help in design, recommendation and innovation.

For more information call our team on 0800 080 6016 or email us.



Below you will find our Associate Members who go above and beyond to help support our members crime reduction strategies.

IntelliQ is the leading provider of Forensic Analysis solutions to the retail industry. With a strong global presence across multiple retail sectors, IntelliQ solutions help our clients generate rapid, substantial and sustainable ROI.

Our solutions enable clients to efficiently analyse data from multiple sources to swiftly identify instances of fraud, loss or failure of procedural compliance. Furthermore, our expert team have unparalleled domain expertise in loss prevention fraud analytics, having provided pioneering train-of-thought and link analysis techniques to the retail sector for over a decade.

To find out more about our solutions and how IntelliQ can benefit your organisation, please feel free to get in touch via the contact form below.


The SmartWater Group has won many awards for designing and implementing a range of risk management programmes that have proven to be highly successful.

Working in partnership with the police, trade associations and Clients, from construction and infrastructure to retail and vacant premises, we have unique access to closed source data and, using SmartWater’s proprietary ODINTM crime data portal, can predict the movement of organised crime gangs.

Once the threat is identified, and if an urgent response is required, SmartWater can call upon an array of unique and powerful crime deterrent technologies for rapid deployment to target-harden critical assets within the threatened region, including:

  • PID Systems VideoGuard360TM Mobile CCTV, self-contained, battery-powered and robust, able to monitor even the remotest of sites through communication with our SIA accredited Monitoring Officers, working 24/7 within an accredited control room and backed-up by a national network of fast response security teams;
  • SmartWater Technology’s Proprietary Forensic Asset Marking solutions, the most highly accredited in the World, which have a proven track record as a powerful crime deterrent, as they increase the risk of arrest and prosecution, with many serious criminal gangs imprisoned through the forensic evidence provided;
  • ODINTM, operated by highly trained analysts from SmartWater’s Centre for Infrastructure and Asset Protection (CIAP) division, is a proprietary crime data portal, built using privileged information from the police, Industry bodies and SmartWater’s Client base.

Security is the tip of the iceberg of wider operational risks faced by SmartWater Clients. With our risk management approach, market-leading technology and data driven monitoring capability, we have the requisite toolkit to help you solve your crime concerns.

For further information regarding SmartWater’s risk management services, please contact the SmartWater Group on 0333 320 7797 or

Sensormatic empowers retailers to fight global shrink and retail crime with proven merchandise protection solutions.

Sensormatic is one of the most trusted names in loss prevention. We offer innovative, top-quality solutions that help combat shrink and deliver predictive analytics and insights you can use to help improve operational efficiency and create a better shopper experience.


With over 70 years combined experience in supplying and supporting access solutions, such as automatic doors, roller shutter doors and steel doors for small businesses and large corporations nationwide. We at Aceede Services are confident of finding the right solution for your company. 



Metro Security (GB) Plc’s Queen’s Award-winning M.A.R.S retail analytics solution enables its customers to…

  • Slash shrinkage
  • Boost profits
  • Improve site efficiency
  • Enhance customer service
  • Raise their brand profile
  • Exploit marketing opportunities

MARS is an all in one solution for linking your epos systems with your CCTV to reduce transaction overheads and eliminate leakage by tagging suspect transactions and providing CCTV evidence. 

M.A.R.S is used in hundreds of stores across the UK and Europe, directly reducing group losses by up to 70%.

  • The M.A.R.S system’s innovative loss prevention features also provide forecourt fuel operator clients including Shell, Certas Energy, Harvest Energy, Great Gas Petroleum and George Hammond Plc with complementary, added-value/revenue-boosting operational, training and site management features.
  • M.A.R.S is just one part of Metro Security’s comprehensive range of security, fire detection/alarm and building management services, backed up by Metro’s in-house 24/7 monitoring facility, NSI Gold certification, and its sister company Adder Digital Technology’s R&D resources.
  • Metro Security boasts a 40+ years trading pedigree, with a cross-section of residential, commercial, corporate and public sector customers.


Calla is a small, secure body camera with a front facing screen and cloud based video management software service for people working in healthcare, education and retail.

Unbreakable Security

Reveal was the first manufacturer to introduce AES encryption in a body camera, so security has been at the heart of our products for a long time.

Front Facing Screen

Studies show that when people can see they are being recorded it can help calm them down and avoid conflict, and that’s just what Calla does by de-escalating situations, reducing disruption and recording an independent account of what happened.

One touch record

Having a single, quick and simple action to turn the camera on has always been an essential feature in our body cameras. Our intuitive red sliding switch is a positive action that confirms activation by the physical position change on the camera and is easy to operate for staff on the go.


TSS is the UK’s largest privately owned security company, employing over 4000 licensed security personnel.

We are a family owned business which, in our 25 year history, has always remained true to our core values of best value and service excellence, taking care of our people who in turn take care of our clients. Simple really.

Over time our business has diversified from being a predominately retail specialist into many other aspects of security. Unlike some companies we do not claim to do everything – but what we do we do well. A sound philosophy resulting in our impressive client list and unrivaled customer retention.



The future of Loss Prevention – The Next Generation Concept Tag

Retail is evolving at a furious pace, driven by the latest innovations in technology and the ongoing demands of the next generation of retail consumers.

In this fast-paced industry, retailers need to find the best possible way to protect assets, control losses, and enhance profitability in line with the needs of the business.

Our unique locking mechanism and patented detacher is proven to reduce shoplifting by at least 50% compared to traditional security tags.

The Next Generation Concept Tag is now even harder to defeat, and is available in AM, RF and RFID.

Secur-it is a leading provider of security services and risk management.

Growing client demand for security solutions, due diligence and risk consulting led to the formation of and its market-leading offering, founded over 25 years ago.

Professionalism, ethical standards, legal and operational knowledge are a defined code of conduct govern all Secur-it’s operations, without being dogmatic and inflexible. These are the ingredients of a truly bespoke, customer-focused approach.

Wireless CCTV Ltd (WCCTV) is the market leading provider of redeployable CCTV, electronic site security, body worn cameras and time lapse video services.

WCCTV’s systems transmit live and recorded images over wireless networks including 4G and 3G mobile networks, plus satellite, Wi-Fi and broadband. WCCTV’s systems are designed for rapid deployment, and are ideal for temporary, mobile, semi-permanent or remote surveillance applications.

Fire & Security
The impact of a fire or security breach can be devastating. Our fire and security division protect our clients’ businesses, staff and reputations by providing effective risk mitigation solutions. We offer a full range of services covering procurement, design, supply, installation and maintenance, and can offer expert advice on the best system for your needs. Our team can provide a large scale roll out across multiple sites as well as assisting with smaller bespoke solutions.


A trolley based pushout prevention system thwarts ORC and shoplifters at the moment a theft occurs. As a thief attempts to leave, the pushout prevention system locks the trolley in place keeping your merchandise in the store, with most thieves walking away empty handed. As shoplifters experience less success, professional thieves will be driven to easier targets.

For further information, please contact:

Tel: 00 44 (0)1455 882900


COVID-19 Solutions

Video surveillance systems have traditionally been deployed as a powerful tool to help retailers minimise shrinkage and create a safe and secure environment for staff and customers. Recent advancements in technology have created the opportunity to monitor activity throughout a store and gain a greater understanding of customer behaviour and buying patterns.

Retailers can use Wisenet cameras with an Open Platform capability to integrate with other in-store systems such as EPOS, to analyse customer traffic patterns, manage queues or understand the implications of customer behaviour in relation to signage, store layout and promotions.


Smarter retail makes the difference

Attract customers, optimize store layout, prevent shoplifting, reduce checkout lines, handling peak shopping periods… there are several concerns to operate as a retailer. Smart technologies are designed to support you and give the consumer a greater, faster and safer experience when shopping. Find the opportunities to increase revenues and shape the future of your retail store- all in real time.


Amberstone are a major supplier of intelligence-led manned guarding and loss prevention services and one of the leading providers of electronic security solutions operating across the UK and Europe. We pride ourselves on our tailored and innovative approach to meeting our customers needs, from comprehensive end-to-end solutions to the procurement of bundled or individual products and services.

We aim to provide the best return on investment for our varied client base, whilst reducing risk, minimising costs and sharing strategic best practice, wherever possible.

We are the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company. We manage and maintain some of the nation’s most recognised landmarks and work with a wide range of blue-chip private and public sector clients. Our expertise, care, technology, insight and focus on sustainability create amazing work environments, helping our customers to be exceptional, every day.

Hikvision is a world leading provider of security products and solutions. Featuring an extensive and highly skilled R&D workforce, Hikvision manufactures a full suite of comprehensive products and solutions for a broad range of vertical markets. In addition to the security industry, Hikvision extends its reach to smart home tech, industrial automation, and automotive electronics industries to achieve its long-term vision. Hikvision products also provide powerful business intelligence for end users, which can enable more efficient operations and greater commercial success. .


The StoreGuard provides quick and accurate intelligence. Some of its functionality includes:

REAL-TIME ALERTS – StoreGuard allows for the real-time alerting when vehicles of interest enter your car park, allowing you to pro actively stop incidents from occurring at your site.

VOS (Vehicle Online Search) – allows users to search the vehicles database by search criteria such as registration, locations and repeat visitors to narrow the list of potential suspect vehicles.

SSA (StoreGuard Shared Alerts) – alerts generated by a single StoreGuard site can be shared throughout the entire StoreGuard estate, helping our clients to protect themselves for vehicles they have no information on.

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