The NBCS only work with trusted suppliers that support the vision and strategy of the NBCS network and members.

Working closely alongside our member organisations, our Associate Members are with us every step of the way. Listening to the needs and current trends, then supporting our members in reducing the issues they are facing, whether this is internal fraud, technology, violence reduction or burglary prevention, we have a partner solution that is trusted and supported by the NBCS.

In return for the associate member’s continued support, innovation and service, our member organisations use the services of our associate members before considering others. This membership led approach ensures the ultimate goal of reducing business crime is achieved in a secure and trusted environment.

If your business needs support on any projects, tendering process, crime prevention solutions or innovation, please contact our specialist management team who as part of your membership will help in design, recommendation and innovation.

For more information call our team on 0800 080 6016 or email us.


Below you will find our Associate Members who go above and beyond to help support our members crime reduction strategies.

Leading the way in retail loss prevention – Agon Systems are helping retailers worldwide reduce their losses by more than 50%.

Agon Systems are a manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) equipment based near Eastbourne, UK. They design, develop, and distribute a wide range of EAS Antenna security systems for all types of retail environments, revolutionising the technology within the loss prevention industry and directly improving the bottom line for retailers.

The Concept Tag – Unlike traditional security tags, The Concept Tag is unique in that it’s practically impossible to defeat. Its unique locking mechanism and patented detacher is proven to reduce shoplifting by 50% or more compared to traditional security tags. Already in use by big name retailers such as John Lewis, River Island, Matalan, JD, and REISS, the Concept Tag truly is the future of loss prevention.

The Concept Bottle Tag – A brand new to market product, the Concept Bottle Tag is aimed at retailers of premium wines and spirits. Using Agon’s patented locking mechanism, this tag is on track to reduce BWS losses for retailers by upwards of 50% from February 2024.

Agon Systems are constantly reinvesting in R&D and regularly developing new ways to support retail loss prevention teams as their dedicated security partner, via not only EAS systems, but also advanced footfall monitoring, fitting room item management, and checkout technology.

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ALL-TAG is a manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) product protection solutions and bespoke services designed to support retailers protect their merchandise from shoplifting since 1992. Our innovative and cost-effective EAS solutions are compatible with Acousto-Magnetic (AM), Radiofrequency (RF) and RFID systems. Alongside EAS merchandise protection solutions, ALL-TAG also installs EAS antennas for entrance and exit doorways. Sustainability, quality, performance, and longevity are at the forefront of ALL-TAG solutions for Retailers. ALL-TAG has a range of innovative solutions designed to fight ORC, many of which are self-checkout friendly. ALL-TAG are very experienced in the source tagging of hard goods and apparel, as well as offering a wide range of custom EAS products, tailor-made to help Retailers reduce shrinkage.

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Apex Radio Systems are your two-way radio solution experts; with over 30 years of experience, we sell, hire, repair and service two-way radios and associated communications equipment across the whole business spectrum. In the fast-moving world of today’s business, two-way radio communications play a crucial role in the safety and welfare of people.

We are specialists in radio system design and installation, event hire, WatchScheme radio links and online & offline retail. Our products include Motorola, Sepura, Hytera, Icom, Apex, Kenwood, Entel, VoCoVo, and many more.

Apex owns and operates several regional community repeater networks, providing customers with vital communication links to their workforce. In the UK alone, Apex currently supplies and supports over 250 WatchSchemes, from Northern Scotland to the Southern Coast of England.

Our WatchSchemes allow all Retailers in the area to communicate instantly with each other for a proactive approach to reducing and managing crime. On many of our Schemes, Retailers are also able to be in communication with the Local Police, CCTV and various other helpful initiatives.

We work closely with local partner agencies to provide the proper support and expertise. We can link several towns together to a central hub. Our knowledge of the technical advancements in radio communication systems means we can always offer the latest available equipment and packages to make Two-Way Radio systems genuinely effective in the fight against crime.

In addition, Apex will also liaise with local police and crime reduction officers in the proposed area to establish the most efficient ShopWatch scheme for all users. Apex can extend the ShopWatch scheme offer to any organisation, town or city.

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AtWrk provide a SaaS(Software as a Service) modular platform for business automation and process management.

As well us underpinning a number of successful field service applications with over 200,000 work orders processed in the last year, the AtWrk platform provides the backbone for ServiceAtWrk our Field Service Management solution for start-ups to medium sized companies.

In addition, AtWrk provide consultancy services to companies looking to launch SaaS business platforms and can provide a straightforward bootstrap to very quickly launch largely dispersed workforces with common field process, form completion and consistent data collection.

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Smarter retail makes the difference

Attract customers, optimize store layout, prevent shoplifting, reduce checkout lines, handling peak shopping periods… there are several concerns to operate as a retailer. Smart technologies are designed to support you and give the consumer a greater, faster and safer experience when shopping. Find the opportunities to increase revenues and shape the future of your retail store- all in real time.

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With the world’s leading businesses in our client base, our spirit of customer first, customer driven, ensures each collaboration exceeds service excellence across all things security, technology and facilities. With security solutions deployed worldwide, we protect their customers’ facilities assets, staff, and clients; we’re trusted to protect and driven to excel. Being incredibly committed to our customers, to always remain reliable, honest and provide unwavering support.

We transform and provide the environments in which our customers thrive, which secure products from theft, damage, or misuse. From front of house retail device protection to back office and warehouse security, we protect facilities with the latest access control systems and door entry systems, all fully managed and maintained.

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Fire & Security
The impact of a fire or security breach can be devastating. Our fire and security division protect our clients’ businesses, staff and reputations by providing effective risk mitigation solutions. We offer a full range of services covering procurement, design, supply, installation and maintenance, and can offer expert advice on the best system for your needs. Our team can provide a large scale roll out across multiple sites as well as assisting with smaller bespoke solutions.

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DeterTech – Innovative Security Solutions For Greater Peace of Mind


DeterTech is a market leader in temporary on-site security solutions and forensic marking technology. We protect businesses, communities, assets, and individuals across Europe and the Nordics with a comprehensive range of innovative and intelligence-led risk management security solutions. 


Our state-of-the-art risk management solutions – Crime Intelligence, Forensic Marking, and Site Security – through SmartWater and PID visually verified CCTV technology, help to predict, deter, and detect crime across various business sectors. Our solutions can work alone or integrated as part of a system to provide a technology-led, end-to-end risk management platform. 


The Police, commercial customers, and criminals recognize our SmartWater and PID 360 deterrent branding and through our solutions, we continue to ensure greater peace of mind by providing irrefutable evidence that identifies and links assets and people to a specific crime scene for more than two decades. 


For more information about our range of end-to-end risk management solutions, contact 0800 141 2543 or or visit

Disc is the online information-sharing system that’s helping business communities reduce low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.

It is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, way to share current-awareness information, view galleries of offenders, submit reports of incidents and react quickly to immediate safety or security threats. Disc powers the NBCS Interactive Platform, enabling NBCS to share  current awareness quickly, efficiently and effectively with its members.

Disc enables local business crime reduction schemes, shopping centres, security providers and retailers to manage exclusion or banning schemes efficiently, effectively and legally. Schemes like these are proven to reduce low-level crime and ASB across the communities they serve.

Disc supports local crime reduction schemes in more than 550 towns and city-centres across the UK.  And, while each Disc system is autonomous, they can link with any other Disc implementation, to create county-wide, regional or national information-sharing networks to help identify travelling and potentially prolific offenders, track their activities and collate intelligence to assist policing.

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With a rich history of over 25 years, DTiQ has become an industry leader in providing cutting-edge technology for loss prevention, security, and operational efficiency. DTiQ’s innovative video analytics and surveillance systems empower businesses within restaurant, convenience store, and retail spaces to enhance safety, reduce losses, and improve overall performance.

DTiQ’s comprehensive suite of services offer real-time insights and actionable data, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. DTiQ’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and exceptional customer service has solidified its position as the go-to partner for businesses seeking to safeguard assets, improve customer experiences, and drive profitability.

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Cutting edge solutions for businesses to reduce risk and loss, streamline processes and improve service.

As specialists in retail, logistics, e-commerce and hospitality we provide a host of leading edge technology solutions to drive efficiency, reduce risk and loss and streamline our customer’s operations.  Our highly experienced team provide a true partnership and thrive on meeting the challenges that face out stakeholders.  Our strapline, Align, Design, Deliver describes our approach and has been fundamental to our success.  Even the best technology fails if it is not aligned to the users operation.  Our customer partnerships are longstanding and open.  We pride ourselves on our honest approach and our attention to detail. We offer design, installation, servicing and maintenance on a range of Electronic Security products including Intelligent Video Solutions, Access Control Systems, Business Intelligence, Video Analytics and OnDis SmartShelf.

We provide national UK coverage specialising in multi-site commercial estates enabling a comprehensive offering for each of our services.

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Eagle Eye Networks is the global leader in cloud video surveillance, delivering cyber-secure, cloud-based video with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to make businesses more efficient and the world a safer place. Eagle Eye provides security and real-time business intelligence, helping organisations of all sizes and types optimise operations.

Eagle Eye’s 100 percent cloud-managed solutions are smart, simple, and secure. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system) is the only platform robust and flexible enough to power the future of video surveillance and intelligence. Purpose built for the cloud and AI, it addresses customers’ security needs with infinite scalability, flexible pricing plans, a wide array of advanced analytics, and an open RESTful API platform for unlimited customisation.

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FaiceTech™ helps companies and brands deploy innovative digital facial and objective recognition solutions products quickly and effectively. Our proprietary technology and process enables us to deliver a high level of accuracy whilst utilising bank level security to ensure data is stored and accessed securely.

The process enables us to comply with various Data Protection legislations based on jurisdictions of preference. The company works with leading retailers and hospitality venues. The FaiceTech™ platform of products enables companies to rapidly deploy solutions, driving efficiency, innovation and safety.

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The StoreGuard provides quick and accurate intelligence. Some of its functionality includes:

REAL-TIME ALERTS – StoreGuard allows for the real-time alerting when vehicles of interest enter your car park, allowing you to pro actively stop incidents from occurring at your site.

VOS (Vehicle Online Search) – allows users to search the vehicles database by search criteria such as registration, locations and repeat visitors to narrow the list of potential suspect vehicles.

SSA (StoreGuard Shared Alerts) – alerts generated by a single StoreGuard site can be shared throughout the entire StoreGuard estate, helping our clients to protect themselves for vehicles they have no information on.

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Hanwha Vision (formerly Hanwha Techwin) is part if the Hanwha Group, a “FORTUNE Global 500” company based in South Korea.

Hanwha Vision has been leading the global video surveillance industry with world-class optical design, image processing and cybersecurity technologies for more than 30 years. As it broadens its business to become a global vision solution provider, Hanwha Vision will deliver more valuable and meaningful insights to customers by collecting key information and providing big data analytics utilising AI and cloud technologies.

As customer needs have diversified and become more sophisticated, the video surveillance industry has needed to match those changes by customising its products. Working closely with end–users, system integrators, consultants and technology partners, Hanwha Vision has been able to analyse customer pain points and develop customised solutions which solve real–life problems. Hanwha Vision understands that there is a need for specific solutions for each vertical market, rather than just general–purpose security products. With technological expertise spanning hardware design, manufacturing and software development, and in partnership with carefully selected technology solution providers, we are able to offer vertical solutions backed up by proven product reliability and the highest possible levels of pre and post sales service.

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With more than 40 years’ experience of cargo security, Maple provide Europe’s widest range of commercial vehicle security solutions. From simple locking applications to integrated electronic seals and load integrity systems, our innovative product range caters for panel vans through to heavy goods vehicles.

A solutions led company, Maple provide a complete end to end service designing, manufacturing and installing security applications for the road transport and logistics industries. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique operational challenges and deliver solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems of work, supporting the ever-changing demands and requirements of today’s multi-channel operators.

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 Sample product offering from Maple:

Mitie are delighted to partner with NBCS to support organisations across the UK to combat Retail crime via effective collaboration. We are looking forward to taking an active role in setting the strategy and working alongside the NBCS to deliver the most robust Retail crime intelligence network in the UK.

Our deep expertise across Retail includes operating dedicated Security Operations Centres for a range of clients. We monitor and respond to risk and threats, identifying, assessing and reporting on crime patterns and trends as they emerge. As a key sponsor of the Retail Crime Advisory Group, we bring together retailers to identify areas of concern, pool resources and take a targeted approach to reducing retail risk, continuously driving the standards of retail security forward.

Our recent OSPA award for Project Zeal further cements our propensity for collaborative working – aligning the Co-op and Nottinghamshire Police via intelligent technology to help bridge the gap between the public and private sector, and deliver better protection against prolific offenders in the Nottinghamshire area. Our Data Sharing Partnership with Co-op, M&S and Sainsbury’s resulted in an award for Business Crime Prevention Excellence at the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner Awards.

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Video technology to support the retail business

Qognify develops video software solutions to help retailers minimize theft and fraud, fight organized retail crime and create new insights on customer behaviour. This includes video surveillance solutions in compliance with national privacy and data protection regulations as well as business video intelligence solutions combining transactions and video data for improved business transparency. The Qognify portfolio also contains advanced management solutions enabling retail chains to efficiently and effectively monitor and administrate their video systems.

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A leading supplier of forensic security marking solutions, Selectamark Security Systems has a long record of success in deterring business crime.

SelectaDNA, Selectamark’s synthetic DNA forensic marking solution,  has achieved success against crimes including burglaries, theft, attacks on front-line workers, robbery, ATM attacks, and shoplifting. Every unit of SelectaDNA supplied to clients, has a unique forensic code that is registered to its owner, so that it can be used to trace assets back to their owners, or criminals back to crime scenes. It can be used in a wide variety of ways, including in fixed Intruder Spray systems, handheld sprays, or in transferable gels and greases for marking criminals, as well as in asset marking kits for marking property.

SelectaPTT is Selectamark’s unified command, control, and communications system, and is designed to maximise operational efficiency and accountability by putting workforces into recorded and highly secure instant communication, as well as providing tracking, mapping, and emergency functions.

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ShopSafe are the suppliers of next generation SmartRadio solutions and secure information sharing apps.

Empowering retailers, BIDs and crime reduction partnerships to work smarter in the fight against Town and City Centre crime.

Powered by a dynamic team of Software developers and IT Professionals, ShopSafe offer the complete toolbox of crime prevention solutions:

  • Smart Shop Watch & Town Link Systems
  • Secure Information Sharing App – Alert
  • Facial Recognition Software
  • Hybrid Smart Body Cameras
  • Lone Worker Protection
  • AI Driven Digital Evidence Management Software

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Smoke Screen: Your Partner in Advanced Security Solutions

In an ever-changing world where security is a top priority, Smoke Screen stands out as an innovator and manufacturer of cutting-edge security products. Our unwavering commitment is to develop technology that safeguards our customers, their staff, and their businesses. With our main product line comprising a range of security fog generators known as Smoke Screens, we deliver unparalleled security solutions to businesses, homes, and institutions worldwide. Based in the United Kingdom, our headquarters serve as the hub for our global operations. Through our extensive network of partners and distributors, we ensure that our exceptional products reach those who need them, regardless of their location.

At Smoke Screen, we take pride in our flagship product: security fog generators. These state-of-the-art devices are designed to fill a room within seconds, creating a dense and harmless barrier that deters theft, violence, and vandalism. When a break-in is detected, our Smoke Screens activate immediately, thwarting the criminal’s progress and obscuring valuable property from view. This powerful response leaves criminals with only two choices: flee the scene or become disoriented, making it easier for security staff or law enforcement to apprehend them safely. We firmly believe that security fog is the most efficient and effective way to diffuse intense situations. It provides an instant and impenetrable shield, giving security personnel the upper hand and ensuring the safety of everyone involved. By basing all our security products on this ground breaking technology, we can offer our customers unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

However, our vision extends beyond simply providing outstanding security solutions. At Smoke Screen, we are passionate about creating a world where everyone can feel safe and secure, regardless of their location. Our aspiration is to combat intrusive crime and violent acts primarily through our advanced technology, but also by collaborating with likeminded individuals and organisations that share our goal. By working together, we can make a significant impact on society’s safety and security.

Ultimately, our goal is to render our technology and efforts obsolete by striving towards a crime-free society that no longer requires our services. We envision a world where individuals can go about their daily lives without fear, where businesses can thrive without constant security concerns, and where communities can flourish without the threat of crime. Smoke Screen is more than just a manufacturer of security products, we are your partner in advanced security solutions. With our dedication to innovation, commitment to customer satisfaction, and relentless pursuit of a safer future, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can create a world where security is the norm and peace of mind is guaranteed.

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Solink is a leader in video security for businesses of all sizes. Solink’s hardware and software is purpose-built for business owners, IT and security teams. Solink integrates with over 200 solutions to help give visibility into business. With over 20,000 customer locations in 30+ countries, Solink helps provide customers of all sizes with peace of mind for their security and operations.

Solink can help you:

  1. Increase security and safety for all your locations at once.
  2. Integrate video with POS data (or any of our 200+ data integrations) to deliver positive ROI in weeks.
  3. Reduce false alarms by 99% with our video alarms.
  4. Get started with Solink faster with dedicated 24/7/365 customer support services.

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Tech-enabled security transformation specialists

With over 7,500 clients and 200 UK operating bases, The Keyholding Company’s software intelligently deploys SIA-licensed officers to deliver keyholding, alarm response, guarding and mobile security services nationwide.

But it doesn’t stop there. The data we capture along the way means we understand exactly what’s happening across your estate and provide recommendations to streamline resource without compromising risk. For example, transforming guarding provision by introducing CCTV monitoring or patrols.

We are ranked by the SIA in the top 5% of Approved Contractor security companies and NSI accredited to gold standard. Our information security processes are second to none, designed to ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus standards.

We are laser-focused on delivering security with a conscious. Carbon neutral with a commitment to achieve net zero by 2025, we are also on track to become one of the first security companies in the UK with B Corp status.

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Loss prevention security cameras
Screening staff quickly and safely to detect and deter theft

Proven people security screening cameras that detect all types of objects hidden under clothing, even as small as 3cm x 3cm. Widely used in Distribution and Fulfilment Centres globally, Thruvision’s people security screening technology reduces employee theft, while helping to change operational culture.

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TSS is the UK’s largest privately owned security company, employing over 4000 licensed security personnel.

We are a family owned business which, in our 25 year history, has always remained true to our core values of best value and service excellence, taking care of our people who in turn take care of our clients. Simple really.

Over time our business has diversified from being a predominately retail specialist into many other aspects of security. Unlike some companies we do not claim to do everything – but what we do we do well. A sound philosophy resulting in our impressive client list and unrivalled customer retention.





Vars Technology primarily reduces drive offs using state of the art ANPR solution. Any vehicle who performs a drive off, no means of payment, shop theft, fly tipping etc is instantly added to our global blacklist and informs the cashier when a blacklisted vehicle drives on to the forecourt immediately with an audio and visual alarm. This dramatically reduces crime and theft by over 80% within the first month. Vars Technology have the fastest and easiest way to report and reclaim no means of payments using a simple tablet solution, easy to use and minimises the time a cashier is away from the till.

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At Verkada, we’re on a mission to modernise enterprise physical security. Verkada’s fully integrated hardware and software physical security solution protects people and property in a privacy-sensitive way. Designed with simplicity in mind, Verkada’s six product lines (Video Security, Intercom, Access Control, Workplace (Visitor Management & Mailroom), Alarms, Air Quality Sensors) are integrated into one platform (Command) providing a scalable way to easily configure, monitor and respond to events from anywhere.

Over 20,000 organisations, including Canada Goose, Rapha Racing and Crew Clothing, trust Verkada’s hybrid cloud solution. Here is why: 

  • Reduce shrinkage around–the–clock: Catch repeat offenders with Person of Interest alerts. Detect and respond to after-hours threats immediately with trained remote monitoring agents.
  • Monitor stores from anywhere: Find, save and share footage on–the–go. Plus, share live camera feeds with local authorities in seconds.
  • Secure storefronts and storerooms: Set door schedules around store operating hours and provide tiered access permissions for employees and contractors.
  • Improve business operations: Use data–driven insights like Occupancy Trends to evaluate and optimise store layouts, staffing and promotional activities.
  • Identify deceptive transactions and claims: Integrate your point-of-sale data with Verkada. Quickly video verify fraudulent returns, chargebacks and liability claims to safeguard your bottom line.
  • Safeguard data privacy and security: Enjoy peace of mind with encryption at rest and in transit, integrated SSO/MFA and full GDPR compliance.

Justin Maynard – Retail Technology Manager @ Rapha Racing:

“The speed and precision with which we can retrieve and share incident footage is unmatched. With Verkada, we’re not just reacting to theft – we’re actively preventing it. It’s been pivotal in our efforts to combat the rising challenges of retail shrinkage.”

Devon King – Senior Manager of Security Operations @ Canada Goose:

“The ability to populate POS transactions makes loss prevention investigations faster and easier. When we can search for and review clips of transactions from one platform, we save time that can now go towards other areas of the business.”

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At W4G Track Recovery, we can supply and install tracking devices and monitor the location of your vehicle in the event that it is stolen. We have recovery agents across the UK that can deploy to your vehicle to recover it and stop any further damage within a short period of time. W4G Track Recovery has its own 24/7 monitoring station and helpline, assisting private vehicle and fleet owners with their vehicle security needs. We have a recovery rate of 97%, recovering an average of £2 million worth of assets per month.

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