Our Truckpol membership provides businesses operating within the supply chain access to information and intelligence in real time about current risks and threats to safety and freight.

By working with members, authorities and partners nationally, NBCS is able identify active offenders and vehicles, emerging trends and raise series link investigations against organised offenders seeking to do harm to your business.

Incident capture and escalation is the key to providing your businesses with the insights needed to identify where your risks lie and guiding your businesses towards a solution.

NBCS provide a full incident management software which can be used by members to manage loss and risk strategies. We also work with a large network of suppliers which provide solutions to improve your defence against the impact of crime.


Knowing the Risk to your Freight and your People

The supply chain is victim to hundreds of million-pound losses attributed to theft each year. Freight is attractive to organised criminal gangs who make a substantial profit from stolen fuel, tobacco, alcohol, high value electrical items and much more.

How well do you know the risks to your business and people?

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