Fashion retailer giant Next, supports the NBCS Foundation by donating and attending our June Gala Dinner.

Next have joined the NBCS Foundation’s community by joining forces with other donors and reserving their table at the first Gala Dinner on 15th June.

Founded in 1864, Next are undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion retailers in the nation and currently stand at 700 stores across the UK and Europe, Asia and the Middle East. As a British multinational clothing, footwear, and home products retailer, they recognise they have a cooperate responsibility to give back to their communities and as it stands, are supporters of 325 registered charities. Head of Group Loss Prevention, Stephen Teatum was thrilled to get involved with the NBCS Foundation and had this to say:

“Next are extremely pleased to support the NBCS Foundation and the valued charities it will help to financially contribute to now and in the future. Schemes like the ‘offender to rehab’ program can make such a positive contribution towards reducing a retailer’s losses, but more importantly than that, it’s turning around the lives of those caught in the trap of addiction…why would any retailer not support that!”

To join Next in the support of the NBCS Foundation, reserve your table for the 15th June at Old Trafford.

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