This month NBCS join the Bank of England’s new Bank Note Checking Scheme aimed at increasing education around counterfeit notes.

By joining the scheme NBCS will receive the very latest information about banknotes, enabling us to keep members up to date and aware of counterfeit currency trends.

The scheme which was launched last year, provides a number of useful tools and guidance for businesses which deal with bank notes. Typical guidance includes:

  • Point of Sales checks
  • Awareness of what to do with a counterfeit note
  • Testing an automatic banknote handling machine

As a Bank Note Checking Scheme member, NBCS have committed to sharing all appropriate education material with members of our network, promote the scheme and support law enforcement activities.


Please download the below free education materials to help check your banknotes.
The new £20 note A4 poster (
The new £20 note poster – Welsh (
The new £20 note – A5 poster (
The new £20 note poster A5 – Welsh (
Your simple guide to checking banknotes (
Your simple guide to checking banknotes – Welsh (
Take a closer look poster A3 (

For more information about the Bank Not Checking Scheme click here.

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