The newest addition to our Associate Member family, are experts in Data Protection, Penetration Testing, Cyber Security & ISO Certification. Evalian are specialists in their field, adding a wealth of knowledge and experience to the network.

With their real world, pragmatic advice, their experienced consultants support businesses of all sizes, working with partners across the world and their services are used across varying sectors, such as healthcare, travel, legal services and more! Building trust between them and their clients, is at the heart of what they do, so you can rest easy knowing that your strategies to protect your business are in the best hands possible. They’re also strong believers in a bespoke approach, adapting and adjusting to each businesses individual requirements.

Since the pandemic, there’s been a huge boost in online usage, from grocery shopping to CRM Management and Evalian have adapted their Cyber Security Services to provide a range of cost effective solutions. You can’t defend all security risks, breaches will occur but Evalian are well equipt to ensure organisations are as cyber resilient as possible. With fast acting approaches to incident reports and security breaches, they’re able to tailor their services to identify vulnerabilities within your supply chain and quickly provide the resources to stop cyber criminals in their tracks.

They also provide a wealth of resources for their clients, such as their real-world incident response exercises. They empower their clients to take matters into their own hands, with their help and support, to learn, adapt and execute the right Cyber Security solutions, for you. A highly valuable asset to our NBCS Family!

Welcome on board Evalian!

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