Driving a revolution in collaboration. Connecting local, regional and national efforts to reduce business crime across the UK.

Our Connect service provides BIDs, BCRPs, shopping centres and retail parks with a range of services and products aimed to support the delivery of their business crime reduction operation.

If it’s additional intelligence we’ve got it. If it’s support in promoting your benefits and securing investment we’ll give it. If it’s help tackling business crime together with ongoing operational guidance or compliance, we will support you. You may be starting up, we’re here!

Through our data pool, intelligence quality and national retail reach, we will ensure you are given all the support possible to sustain or establish your place across the business crime reduction landscape.

You may find that your members and tenants engage very well on a local store level, but when it comes to member renewal or ballot the engagement and support you need at a senior level is not easy to find. You may have local issues around offending or crime prevention tactics within a store and have exhausted all local contacts and solutions and are finding it difficult to engage with the retailer at a national or regional level.

Your organisation may be frustrated with the absence of incident report submissions from your retailers which impacts the quality and relevance of the information you disseminate out across your local network. Getting engagement from stores to view alerts featuring active offenders and trends that you send out to them may also be a challenge.

At NBCS, we recognise these challenges you face and by working with major national retailers at all levels, we are able to provide your organisation with the engagement and
promotion you need to deliver an effective and well supported business crime reduction service.


  • Data from over 50,000 stores across the UK
  • Connecting you to over 100 unique brands within our network
  • Over 100 additional crime alerts per month into your operation
  • Working with 43 police forces across the UK
  • Providing software that your own Crime Management System can talk to

The Benefits of Connect

Information & Data

Daily Intelligence Alerts

Highlighting travelling organised offenders posing a risk to your local area enabling your partnership to support all members and tenants in deterring targets, this includes intelligence across all retail types and ANPR alerting. Alerts can be accessed directly or via your current software.

Incident Data for your Area

Through your NBCS dashboard you can access joint member incident data giving your partnership a unique and inclusive view of crime impacting your members and tenants. Incidents can then be added to you own case management system allowing you to share this data with your wider membership and tackle crime locally.

Trend & Information Sharing Webinars & Reports

Providing an environment to share issues and solutions with other NBCS members and receive reports highlighting the most up to date trends impacting member businesses in your area and further afield.

Promoting your Operation

Live Webinars with LP Managers

We will organise and facilitate a live webinar for you and your team to meet regional and national Loss Prevention leaders. Here you can promote your benefits of membership, encourage engagement and encourage membership growth.

Share your News and Benefits

We will share your good news and successes with all NBCS retail members across the year, paying
particular attention to your BID ballot and BCRP membership renewal to ensure the decision makers support your partnership.

Networking Events

Attend NBCS Member Days across the year and have the opportunity to network with national business representatives, partners and other BID, BCRP and shopping centre/park members.

Quality Management & Accreditation

Quality Management Document Suite

Providing your operation with a full suite of quality management documentation and operational processes which you can simply adapt to fit your partnership. These include Data Sharing Protocols, Operating Guidelines and everything else you need to operate effectively.

Accreditation & Support

Supporting and assessing your partnership against the National Standards for BCRPs. Our expert team can guide you through the process and assist you in sustaining or developing a strong and secure structure which you and your members can feel confident with.

Existing NBCS Members
BID (Accredited BCRP)
including independent businesses and existing NBCS member businesses

Who are our CONNECT Members