Nationwide business security provider Cobac Security, generously support the NBCS Foundation at the first Gala Dinner on 15th June.

Cobac Security is a provider of people-based security to businesses across the UK. Established in 2017, they set out to do security differently, placing substantial emphasis on comprehensive staff development, technological integration, and proactive management engagement to empower front-line personnel. This strategy has earned the admiration of clients, employees, and partners, contributing significantly to Cobac’s exceptional reputation. With a wealth of experience in the retail sector, Cobac’s team are well aware of the impact that retail crime can have on staff, customers and local communities. Managing Director, Diane Johnson, was eager to join the NBCS Foundation’s journey:

“We really resonated with the Foundations’ ‘Every Life Counts’ message. Within our own business we work tirelessly to support individuals to succeed – naturally, this flows into supporting individuals across wider communities too. The work that the NBCS Foundation is setting out to do will be of great benefit to both the retail industry and the individuals supported. We’re thrilled to be supporting the NBCS Foundation with this important work.”

To join Cobac Security in the support of the NBCS Foundation, reserve your table for the 15th June at Old Trafford.

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