Crime Management Platform Zinc, secure their table at the NBCS Foundation Gala Dinner

Zinc System are the latest Associate Member donors to reserve their table at the first NBCS Foundation Gala Dinner.

NBCS have worked closely with Zinc for many years, as they helped to develop the Data Intelligence program, that all NBCS Crime Data is fed through by its members. Zinc started with a big idea in a little garage in 2004, and quickly developed into becoming a leading, global software business holding some of the most respected organisations as their clients. In 2018, they launched Synapse – a product designed to solve the challenges of incident, crisis, and structural resilience, which at its core, is a merging of all vital functionality in the retail crime sector. As their awareness of retail crime and prevention strategies grow stronger, so does their recognition for what needs to change. Paul Coverdale, Director of Intelligence & Risk, tells us why Zinc have supported the NBCS Foundation and its mission:

“The NBCS plays a vital role not only in the tackle against crime, but also in supporting communities to be safer places. The NBCS Foundation builds upon this mission by ensuring that rehabilitation schemes are available to those in need, which is a key to reducing offending and increase safety across businesses and communities – a win, win, win scenario.”

To join Zinc in the support of the NBCS Foundation, reserve your table for the 15th June at Old Trafford.

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