It is with great pleasure that we introduce the newest member of the NBCS Connect family Wakefield Area Business Against Crime (WABAC). Covering the Wakefield City Centre area, WABAC have been operating as a Business Crime Reduction Partnership for 9 years and is currently headed up by Business crime Manager Steve Hunt, a former police Sergeant for West Yorkshire Police.

Like many BCRPs, WABAC has found the effects of the pandemic very difficult due to the impact it has had on member businesses which invest in the partnership. However, in the face of challenging times, this partnership has the sheer determination not to give up and continues to provide essential services to its members in the City.

WABAC has joined forces with NBCS to support the sustainability of the partnership and improve the intelligence pool available to all members, including major chains and independents.

Business Crime Manager Steve Hunt said “I am very happy to announce that WABAC are now members of the NBCS network. This gives WABAC and its members access to pooled national intelligence from major retailers circulated by the new NBCS Connect system. My intention is to forge new links with other accredited Business Crime Partnerships and BIDs in my region to tackle retail crime. This is a huge step forward.“

Sarah Bird at NBCS said “We are delighted to welcome WABAC into our expanding network of retailers, BIDs and BCRPs and recognise the experience Steve brings to the table. We are particularly excited about the additional intelligence we can uncover by working closer together to tackle business crime in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and across the UK.”

On behalf of the entire NBCS network, welcome!

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