Whether it’s manned, fire or electronic security, W4G have dedicated specialists in your sector.

With many years of expertise in the protection of businesses and client assets, their employees specialist knowledge it utilised upon every deployment. As a company that supplies the entire nation, W4G continues to expand and add more services and solutions to their already diverse range, to ensure all businesses and individuals are protected and secure, around the clock. From CCTV and keyholding, to access control and property protection, they span across a multitude of sectors.

In addition to this their W4G Track Recovery services, provide full vehicle tracking and security services, monitoring of tracking devices and recovery of stolen vehicles, as well as risk management advice in the automotive sector, across the UK and sometimes further afield.

We’re excited to have them joining our ranks, as a thriving business with a wealth of knowledge that will undoubtedly add valuable expertise to our flourishing network.

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