As we extend our ANPR reach across the UK to identify further risks to member businesses, NBCS are excited to announce that VARS Technology have joined our membership and will support us with this expansion through their solution.


NBCS have always put much emphasis on the value of ANPR links and the quality intelligence which can be produced as a result or vehicle tracking. We have caught many an organised offender in their tracks when on their way back from a bulk theft and been able to predict where an offender is likely to target next.

This is why we are delighted to announce that with the help of VARS Technology, we have expanded our ANPR reach and access across the UK. We now have access to hundreds of live locations in retail parks, shopping centres, town and city centres and now petrol forecourts all telling us where the offenders are and where they are going.

With this fresh resource we are improving ANPR member alerting which all members feel the benefit from including stores, drivers, security operations centres, BIDs and BCRPs.

Vars Technology primarily reduces drive offs using state of the art ANPR solution. Any vehicle who performs a drive off, no means of payment, shop theft, fly tipping etc is instantly added to our global blacklist and informs the cashier when a blacklisted vehicle drives on to the forecourt immediately with an audio and visual alarm. This dramatically reduces crime and theft by over 80% within the first month. Vars Technology have the fastest and easiest way to report and reclaim no means of payments using a simple tablet solution, easy to use and minimises the time a cashier is away from the till.

Vars also recover lost fuel from drive offs by getting owner details from the DVLA and writing to them with an image of them and the date and time of the theft. They cannot argue with it and in 9 out of 10 cases pay up, meaning the garage gets 100% of that stolen fuel back from each claim that is paid.

In addition to the VARS Forecourt protection they can also manage parking on sites with problems of cars being left on site taking up spaces of potential customers.

Parking generates a revenue stream for the garage which means the system becomes profitable instead of an additional cost.

Joining forces with the NBCS means there can be an even bigger force to stop crime around the UK. Persistent offenders at forecourts can be added to the NBCS database of wanted people and NBCS database can be added to VARS to alert the location of a criminal within seconds of them arriving at anywhere with the VARS system in place.


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