The belief that change is possible underpins the work of The Nelson Trust.

They’ve chosen to come on board as the newest charity, to open their services to the NBCS Foundation’s mission and become a beneficiary. They are a charity that brings belief, hope, and long-term recovery to those whose lives have been torn apart by addiction. Just like the Foundation, they aim to break the cycle and have a deep understanding of the multiple and complex needs that recovery comes with. They share with us, the incredibly story of Carol who was given the chance to work with The Nelson Trust and get back on her feet.

‘I was born into a life of domestic abuse and ended up in women’s refuges with my mum and little brother. I was sexually abused as a child, but I kept my horrendous secrets in fear I would not be believed. As I grew up, I got into relationships with abusive partners, and I was getting into trouble with the police. My mental health was rapidly declining, and I turned to drugs and alcohol to block out my memories. I hated everything about myself and took an overdose to try and end my life.

I hit rock bottom when my children went to stay full time with my mum and stepdad. Without my children I felt I had lost everything. I got into another abusive relationship and was arrested when I would snap and hit him back. He would call the police and claim it was him being abused. This is when things changed. While in police custody I was told about the Nelson Trust’s Project SHE. I agreed to a referral and received phone calls, texts, and letters from a Nelson Trust worker offering support and the reassurance she would be there for me when I was ready to meet. For months I was too scared to answer or respond, I didn’t think anyone could help me or understand my pain.

Soon after I met my worker there was another incident with my abusive ex where I ended up being arrested again, but this time Kate was there for me, reassuring me I was not alone and making sure I was safe when I came home and that my family knew I was okay. I was never charged by the Police, an officer told me they could see I was the victim. My worker helped make my house safe from my ex, she came to meetings with my drug and alcohol worker, housing officer and social worker. Together we sorted out my debt, arranged doctors’ appointments and she supported me with the application for The Nelson Trust rehab in Stroud. She helped me understand I did not need to feel scared and was not on my own anymore.

Now I am a Peer Support Volunteer and I have my family back. I see my daughters every day and together we are making happy memories. I am the happy, confident, healthy Mum I always wanted to be, and am now one year sober. Kate always reminds me to feel empowered, and she says that it is me who has done all the hard work – she has just been there alongside me. I have so much thanks to her and the amazing Nelson Trust team who are so dedicated to making a change and difference.’

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