We are thrilled to welcome our newest Associate Member The Keyholding Company, the UK’s leading tech-enabled mobile security services company, to our member network. The Keyholding Company bring unrivalled expertise in alarm response, patrols, locks and unlocks, and access services. Operating the UK’s largest national security network with 200 carefully vetted service partners, The Keyholding Company are an excellent addition to the NBCS recommended supplier network.

Clients come to The Keyholding Company for their great operational delivery and ability to consolidate disconnected and superficial security data making it easier to identify patterns, draw conclusions and act. They are integrated with the data.police.uk API to access and incorporate crime data into reporting and collect roughly ten million data points per month, all surfaced in real-time through their Smart Security Platform – a job booking, data analysis and access management platform that helps reduce spend, reduce risk, and brings businesses into the 21st century.

They work with 92% of the UK’s top 30 facilities management companies and are proud to be in the top 5% of SIA (ACS) accredited security companies.

Charlie Gordon Lennox, CEO said “We are delighted to have become a member of NBCS. Helping our clients reduce risk is one of our main goals, and we know that greater intelligence on crime and implementing effective preventative measures is key. We are excited about the collaborative partnership and feel that together we can add value to NBCS members as well as our own clients.”

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