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Background – what we know…

Only between 5-15% of business crime is reported into UK policing, We know we need more police resources supporting us to reduce the significant business crime challenge.

How can policing justify more resources when only 5 – 15% of the actual crime is reported?

Reporting crime in expensive, businesses must double key into internal systems and either through 101 or Single Online Home. The productivity costs are significant and often overlooked with 101 crime reports taking up to 45 minutes to complete and 15 for Single Online Home.

As a sector we know we are suffering an increase in violence against shop workers. The majority of these offences are linked to an incident of shop theft and we know the majority of shoplifters are local and prolific offenders – this is the missing data not reported to police as our retail colleagues often feel this is “part of the job”

Due to the lack of reporting many of these crimes are not investigated meaning there is little to deter the prolific offender from continuing to offend against our businesses.

It’s time to lead the conversation – it’s time for the sector to drive the change!

It is time to act!

By coming together as an entire sector and delivering on the change that is required to genuinely reduce business crime.

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