This year has already proven to be a challenging one as we enter into lockdown number 3. However, our Connect membership which consists of Business Improvement Districts, Business Crime Reduction Partnerships and Shopping Centres continues to grow and flourish.

This year more than any other, BIDs and BCRPs are looking to be part of a support network which promotes the excellent work they do, directly into national business levy payers and subscribers. They want to see the crucial intelligence they collect locally being put to additional use to target the most organised and professional offenders impacting businesses across the UK. Joining the NBCS North Notts are now able to do just that.

North Notts BID are committed to supporting their business levy payers, keeping the local area safe and secure and providing an outstanding service which links in with the local police, council and other key agencies.

It’s fantastic to have North Notts represented within the NBCS Connect network and we very much look forward to introducing our retail members to the work they do.

To find out more about North Notts BID click here

On behalf of the entire NBCS network, welcome!

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