We are delighted to welcome our newest Associate Member AtWrk, experts in business automation and process management. AtWrk are a fantastic addition to the NBCS growing network of recommended suppliers across the risk management landscape.

As well as underpinning a number of successful field service applications with over 200,000 work orders processed in the last year, the AtWrk platform provides the backbone for ServiceAtWrk, their Field Service Management solution for start-up to medium sized companies.

In addition, AtWrk provide consultancy services to companies looking to launch SaaS (Software as a Service) business platforms and can provide a straightforward bootstrap to very quickly launch largely dispersed workforces with common field process, form completion and consistent data collection.

We look forward to connecting the AtWrk team with our members to support developments around business automation and process management.

On behalf of the entire network, Welcome!

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