The National Business Crime Solution Ltd (NBCS) recognises the need and importance of alternative methods in terms of prolific and persistent offenders, targeting the business community.

The current standard is the Policing system and prosecution and while it is right that individuals are punished for their crimes, as per UK law, it is also important to look at how we prevent those crimes. In fact, if we look back at Sir Robert Peel’s first Policing Principle, ‘To prevent crime and disorder as an alternative to their repression by military force and severity of legal punishment’.  UK businesses spend billions of pounds per year on target hardening methodologies, they deploy sophisticated CCTV systems, employ security guards, and store detectives and have robust process. Yet the problem continues to increase in its size and severity; there must be another way. We know that on average 80% of crimes are committed by the most prolific 20% of offenders. Many of the individuals making up that 20% are addicts. Their addiction to drugs and alcohol, fuels their need to steal at any cost to feed their habit, not only costing businesses millions, but also affecting many lives.

The West Midlands Police ‘Offender to Rehab’ program has shown us that despite the difficulty associated with addiction, the cycle of offending can be broken. The financial return to businesses is substantial, not to mention the wellbeing of store staff and customers. By supporting this 20% we can reduce crime and simultaneously support individuals in rebuilding their lives and futures,  for themselves and also their families. This is the reason the NBCS is supporting the NBCS Foundation CIO. We believe that together, the sector can make a difference, so join the NBCS in its support for the NBCS Foundation CIO and let’s make a difference together!

To join the NBCS in the support of the NBCS Foundation, reserve your table for the 15th June at Old Trafford.

Endorsed by the NBCS Ordinary Representative Members Group and the NBCS Board of Directors.

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