As a unique organisation with a foot in several camps, not only data and intelligence sharing but also an approved assessing organisation for the BCRP National Standards, we thought we had better put our money where our mouth is!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that the National Business Crime Solution has successfully completed accreditation against the National BCRP standards. Although not a BCRP, with a foot in that camp and as a vocal supporter of the standards for BCRPs and BIDs we wanted to lead by example.

What was the point? The BCRP National Standards are the only official quality check against BCRPs and other business led crime initiatives in the UK. I am often questioned by both member and none-member businesses as to how they can be sure of the value offered by BCRPs and BIDs, the answer is not always simple.

There are some fantastic BIDs and BCRPs supporting your business. What we must be mindful of is the fact that these organisations operate locally and in a small number of cases, regionally, and for that reason engage locally and regionally. This means that there is a natural disconnect between the local Business Crime Initiative and the business decision maker positioned in Head Office. Although a good Business Crime Initiative will publicise its successes via local media and its local software platform, it is very unlikely this information will get to the decision maker.

Sometimes the good work conducted by a Business Crime Initiative will be escalated to Area and Regional Managers but even then, the chances of this information getting to the decision makers is slim.

So back to the standards then, what do they mean……. The National BCRP standards assessment covers, governance, partnership benefits, aims and objectives, communications, systems and procedures and data integrity. An accredited BID or BCRP will on balance be providing your business with a ROI on its membership fee.

As an absolute minimum, when looking at BCRP renewal, your business should be checking that the BCRP is accredited, the place to go is the National Business Crime Centre Website.

If you have any questions about National BCRP Accreditation please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Peter Fisher
General Manager
National Business Crime Solution Ltd

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