Ravelin Technology provide their fraud prevention solutions, put their client’s business needs at the helm by delivering a faster, tailor-made approach. They help you take greater control over genuine payments through customer insights and data science.

Fraud prevention

Ravelin have set themselves apart from traditional methods and believe that data, drives what they do, by detecting fraud sooner and reducing the cost that businesses incur. Not only are they able to assist with assessing the data, but they empower you to take ownership and develop a deeper knowledge of customer behaviour. This enables you to better discover unusual and flag potential threats. Armed with this better understanding, you can take the opportunity to work alongside Ravelin in developing and optimising your business strategy, to ensure future threats are stopped in their tracks before they’re able to cause any impact on your business.

‘We have seen a 63% reduction in the false positive rates, which means more shoppers are having that seamless ecommerce journey, while also eShopWorld are seeing a reduction within the chargeback rate’

  • Corey Murphy, Ecommerce Operations at eShopWorld.

With their deep dives on fraud and payment topics, in depth blogs discussing the most recent fraud trends in the industry and API and developer docs, they have an unwavering level of support and resources for anyone who joins their network. Harness the power of your data to reduce fraud, detect and stop fraud faster and have clearer insights to take control of authentication, with Ravelin Technology.

Welcome to the network, Ravelin!

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