We know who’s targeting your levy payers… and we know when they are in your area!

How the NBCS works with Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

The NBCS enables the effective sharing of appropriate data between police, crime reduction agencies and the business community and proactively targets criminality to reduce crime and risk for all.

Historically the NBCS has supported member businesses, such as the big four supermarkets and top fashion brands directly by sharing intelligence, linking crime and selling series linked investigations into policing. We are the only private, not-for-profit business in the UK with this level of access to intelligence and the ability to join the dots across police forces, helping us target would-be and repeat offenders.

NBCS results in 2018

  • Over 1,500 alerts sent out to our members
  • Over 110 live investigations raised
  • Over 1,200 crimes linked in

Context & Background

According to The British Retail Consortium:

More and more retailers and other businesses are demanding a commitment to safety and security but the effects of austerity are clearly playing their part in the increase in retail and business related crime. Additionally, with policing taking a risk based view to response (Threat, Harm, Risk, Investigation, Vulnerability and Engagement), retailers and businesses are in a position now where they feel a complete lack of support from Policing around the issue of persistent offending.

NBCS benefits - stronger together


NBCS membership allows you to offer a better service to levy paying businesses, so they truly feel part of a national network (through the BID) that’s protecting their staff and profits.

  • Use of the NBCS logo on your website to show involvement with the only national independent private intelligence and data sharing processing organisation in the UK.
  • Your logo added to the NBCS website to demonstrate to our membership your commitment to dealing with business crime.
  • Your BID team will be invited to NBCS Member Days where they can network with the company decision makers that are relied upon for levy support at the next ballot and allow them to see the latest in innovation
    and products that can support levy payers through reduced business crime.
  • Potential for your BID to have representative inclusion on the NBCS board.


Provide your BID the opportunity to network directly with major nationals (some of whom do not currently supply data at a local level)

  • Your BID can demonstrate additional value to your levy payers by offering the only way for independent businesses to access this type of data and alerts supporting target hardening methodology.
  • We give your BID a voice by way of escalating issues directly into business and through NBCS support in sharing BID business plans and renewal material.
  • We will recommend to our members that they continue to support your BID proposals during the ballot process.

Data & Intelligence

NBCS will provide access to data and intelligence, at regional and national level, so timely and useful alerts can be sent out to your members when known criminals target your area

  • Your BID will be able to access the NBCS data share in order to identify local risk.
  • We push our intelligence to your BID via existing incident management software meaning there are no requirement for process changes at the BID level.
  • Your BID and levy payers will receive National Business Crime Centre best practice via “push” to enable businesses to better protect themselves from crime.
  • Access will be provided through us to ANPR, to identify offenders on the move by notifying you when targeted vehicles enter your geographical area, allowing your resources to identify offenders and prevent crime before it is committed.
Existing NBCS Members
BID (Accredited BCRP)
including independent businesses and existing NBCS member businesses

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