Driving a revolution in collaboration. Connecting local, regional and national efforts to reduce business crime across the UK.

Supporting BIDs and BCRPs

NBCS Connect provides local and regional business led partnerships with an all encompassing information sharing and support network. This enables BIDs and BCRPs to not only significantly enhance their offerings to members but also to contribute to national data sharing, targeting the most organised, dangerous and prolific criminals impacting businesses in the UK.

NBCS results in 2019

  • 1,649 alerts raised
  • 150+ Series linked Investigations raised and passed to policing
  • 1,000+ offenders identified

The Benefits of Connect


Turning up your Volume

Helping you to highlight the benefits of your partnership to national businesses by sharing your news and successes, supporting renewals/ballots. Being part of the national network demonstrates your commitment to deliver the very best service to your members.

Networking & Events

Attend NBCS Member Days across the year and have the opportunity to network with national business representatives, partners and other BIDs and BCRPs.

Data & Intelligence

Daily Intelligence Alerts

Highlighting travelling organised offenders posing a risk to your local area enabling your partnership to support all members in deterring targets, this includes intelligence across all retail types and ANPR alerting.

Incident Data

Through your NBCS dashboard you can access joint member incident data giving your partnership a unique and inclusive view of crime impacting your national members. Incidents can then be added to you own case management system allowing you to share this data with your wider membership and tackle crime locally.

Monthly Trend Calls & Reports

Providing an environment to share issues and solutions with other BID and BCRP members and receive reports highlighting the most up to date trends impacting member businesses in your area and further afield.

Business Crime Prevention News

Receive the latest industry news, keeping you informed of important changes and issues which may impact your own business as well as your members’.


Assessment & Accreditation

Supporting and assessing your partnership against the National Standards for Crime Partnerships. Our expert team can guide you through the process and assist you in sustaining or developing a strong and secure structure which you and your members can feel confident with.

Partnership Toolkit

Providing your partnership with advice and guidance which includes templates, sample documents and useful contacts to support your data sharing integrity and operation.

Existing NBCS Members
BID (Accredited BCRP)
including independent businesses and existing NBCS member businesses

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