Our most recent May 2022 conference was our biggest and best yet, with one of the most exciting announcements in our history for NBCS and our members.

The room filled with delegates from the moment doors opened and the atmosphere buzzed in eagerness of the announcement. Peter Fisher, General Manager for NBCS, kicked things off with a strategy update and anticipation for the big news ensued. As attendees are addressed with a 2021 recap and NBCS’ objectives for 2022, Peter made the declaration of the first ever, National Police ISA. This Information Sharing Agreement allows data to be shared between Police Forces, our partners, and our members; a truly significant movement, in the fight against business crime, all made possible with the support of Patrick Holdaway at the National Business Crime Centre.

Following on from Peter, Kit Malthouse, the Minister of Policing, addresses the room with an uplifting and informative message. He expresses how collaboration and data sharing, is of vital importance in the battle against business crime. You can view the video of the address by clicking here.

As the morning continued, we touched on victories for NBCS and our members. From over 750,000 logged claims on our Claims Detect Online platform to success stories to our members; identifying local prolific and violent offenders and bringing them to justice through our Connect Services and catching up with our Police Liaison Team around targeting travelling organised offenders. With the morning finalising on a high of data rich presentations, it’s time to network! The room fills with conversation, ideas being exchanged, and creativity is flowing, it was time for Tesco to take the stage.

Everyone, every day, home safely; Tesco work locally with the staff on the front line, ensuring a powerful and consistent presence within their communities. They’re focusing on anti-social behaviour and crime reduction within their stores, arming their staff members with not only the equipment to achieve this, but the appropriate training. From body cams to conflict management courses, Tesco is leading the way for safer communities and securer stores.

After presentations from PC Michael Lee from the Essex Police, Justine Currell from Unseen and Chris Dowen from MoRServ, we reached the panel discussion portion of the day. Some experts within the industry discuss such hot topics as facial recognition and GDPR concerns and ponder whether any offender is genuinely invisible? Conversation is humming, but we’re not done yet. We reach the final part of our conference and by far the most fun, The Big Business Crime Quiz of the Year! Testing the knowledge of attendees, prizes are rewarded after each round to the top contender, including bottles of champagne, a Ring Doorbell and £200 worth of Mr & Mrs Smith Luxury Hotels Voucher, all provided by our Associate Members.

As the day rolls to a close, business cards and email addresses are exchanged, as attendees prepare to make their journeys home. Sustainable and prosperous relationships are forged, and businesses and retailers walk away with invaluable and insightful information. This is why our conference is the largest of its type; business for business, connecting retailers, local crime partnerships, expert speakers and suppliers together to build a better, safer future.

With thanks to our Associate Members


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