The NBCS Board was put in place in 2017 following a member-led review of the governance structure in light of new funding from the Home Office.

Working with the NBCS executive team to influence our long-term direction, the board has the following responsibilities that are reflected in the vision and strategy of the organisation:

  • Overseeing the strategy, values, standards and goals of the organisation
  • Making certain that the data that is gathered is processed in a secure and responsible manner, and intelligence utilised properly
  • Working to help members see the ‘bigger picture’ by showing how collaboration can lead to effective outcomes
  • Promoting the work of the organisation to make sure it is recognised in the industry as the leading UK authority
  • Ensuring adequate human and financial resources are available to achieve goals and keep the NBCS as an independent organisation that works for its members

The board

Tim Edwards

Group Profit Protection Director, JD Sports Fashion PLC

I am exceptionally proud to have been voted onto the board by my peer group of members of the NBCS. It is my intention to be the voice on the board for the members, increase the existing membership numbers and work tirelessly to galvanise the NBCS to finally become the authority and true picture of business crime in the UK.

Colin Culleton

Group Loss Prevention Manager, Next

I’ve been privileged to have represented my industry and employers on several committees and working groups over the last 25 years but this for me is significant as the NBCS has a genuine chance to be a game changer in terms of reducing business crime. On a personal note, it’s fantastic for Jason Trigg of the Cardinal Group that the NBCS has secured Home Office funding that will allow his vision of a National Crime Intelligence Hub to be achieved.

Andrew Rees

Senior Manager for Central Operational Security, Asda

The NBCS ensures that both businesses and the police are responding to crimes and associated issues in their entirety, rather than each being dealt with in isolation. We act as the conduit to tackle present matters as well as lobbying to make us fit for the future.

We have a real opportunity to work collaboratively and cohesively to face crime through the sharing of information and best practice with other.

Through this we can both minimise losses and confidently allocate resource to known risk and emerging vulnerabilities.

I look forward to bringing my years of experience to the NBCS and working towards these goals.

Georgie Barnard

Detective Chief Inspector, Metropolitan police, representing the NPCC lead for business crime

If we want to drive down business crime nationally, we need all types of companies to step forward and work with NBCS and the police and share intelligence about the crimes they are experiencing. The police Transformation Funding will lay the foundations for that new way of working and I’d encourage everyone in the industry who wants to see an end to the kinds of crime that hurt businesses to get involved. Effective partnership working is key and we are committed to further improving the way we work with the private sector to build upon this success.

Charlie Radford

Chief Finance Officer for the Nottinghamshire Office of Police and Crime Commissioner

The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) provides a valuable link between the private sector and the police service, encouraging a multi-sector partnership-based approach to sharing best practice and lessons learned. It gives access to a cohesive network of contacts across all the agencies, improving the communication process and accessibility to the appropriate people for specific issues.

Austerity means that all sectors need to work differently and this public/private partnership approach is a welcome step-change in the fight against crime, whether that is serious and organised crime groups, travelling crime groups or protecting vulnerable people.

This work is enabling the police to target the limited resources available to them to greatest effect when tackling serious business criminality while providing clear guidance to businesses to help them protect themselves and their assets. We have been calling for a national resource for a long time and this really is a national solution.

Jason Trigg

Founder, NBCS

As the founder and brainchild of the national business crime solution (NBCS) it is both rewarding and satisfying to see the development over the past five years and the reality of a not for profit and private organisation bridging the gap between the two worlds of business and police in the fight against business crime – against the back drop of both business and police resources diminishing, whilst risks increasing and the changing and new emerging threats of risk that the NBCS is now addressing.

However, the journey is still only just starting and the vision and strategy for taking collaboration and sharing and building an effective solution to enhance both the local, regional and national model is very exciting. Home office support and the new governance structure and recent appointments will only strengthen the role and influence that NBCS has to play.