Wifi Connection

The venue will have Wifi available free of charge. Simply connect to the network, enter your email address and you’ll be good to go.

Badges & Lanyards – Sponsored by VARS Technology

To help us drive sustainability through this event, please return your badge and lanyard to the NBCS team as you leave the venue.


We are attempting to deliver sustainability across the event, and have made a number of changes to support this goal.

The badges are all recyclable and low impact. 

To reduce waste and CO2, we have added the entire content to this web page. 

Please click here to view Old Trafford’s Corporate Social Responsibility page and appropriate recycling bins will be featured throughout the space.

To help us reduce single use plastic, if you have brought your own water bottle, please feel free to fill up in the wide facilities the venue offers.

Emergency Procedure

You can find the Emergency Procedure for the Manchester Suite here.


Toilets are located within the main space we’ll be holding the event. Click here to view the main Manchester Suite – Floor Plan

Smoking including E-cigarettes

If you wish to smoke or use electronic cigarettes, please use the allocated smoking area outside the stadium (these are converted bus shelters)