DeterTech is a market leader in temporary on-site security solutions and forensic marking technology. They protect businesses, communities, assets, and individuals across the UK, Europe and the Nordics with a comprehensive range of innovative and intelligence-led risk management security solutions.

Their state-of-the-art end to end risk management solutions – Crime Intelligence, Forensic Marking, and Site Security – through SmartWater and PID visually verified CCTV technology, help to predict, deter, and detect crime across various business sectors. Their solutions can work alone or be integrated as part of a system to provide a technology-led, end-to-end risk management platform.

The Police, commercial customers, and criminals recognize SmartWater and PID 360 deterrent branding and through their solutions, they continue to ensure greater peace of mind by providing irrefutable evidence that identifies and links assets and people to a specific crime scene for more than two decades.

Phil Branton, NBCS Membership Development Manager:

“Adding DeterTech to the membership highlights the desire of the NBCS to be able to cover all bases for our members. When it comes to reducing risk, the breadth of services and products that DeterTech offers adds another of element of versatility to what we are able to highlight to our members.”

Gary Higgins, DeterTech Director of Commercial Operations:

“DeterTech is delighted to be rejoining NBCS as we work with them to help predict, deter, and detect crime, for the benefit of the NBCS membership, especially in the areas of retail, transport, and distribution.

Our Crime Intelligence Team will work closely with the NBCS team to ensure that we complement and support each other in delivering intelligence-led solutions to benefit the wider membership. Also, we look forward to helping members with our wide range of intelligence-led solutions, designed to reduce risk and provide greater peace of mind every day.”

DeterTech will be exhibiting at the National Business Crime Conference in Birmingham on November 16th. Sign up to attend the event here.

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