Innovative facilities, security and technology specialists Cennox join us at Old Trafford at the first Gala Dinner for the NBCS Foundation

Cennox help transform organisations environments where their customers can thrive, alongside deploying innovate security solutions globally and providing cogent advice around procurement, installation, and continuous support. They are a trusted partner, to ensure a smooth and seamless connection across all systems at every press of a button.

From Banking to Retail, Cennox are heavily relied upon for all things facilities, technology and security and recently joined the NBCS network as Associate Members. As they grow, so does their awareness of their environmental and social impact. They advocate for positive impact in the places they have influence and were thrilled to be able to support the NBCS Foundation’s mission and join us on our journey. Head of Security Solutions, Derrick Pates, says:

“We are proud to support the inaugural NBCS Foundation Gala Dinner.  Working with NBCS and the NBCS members and Cennox partners we assist to mitigate the challenges they are presented with every day. Cennox working alongside NBCS will play a vital role in helping tackle crime and making our communities and work environments a safer place.”


To join Cennox in the support of the NBCS Foundation, reserve your table for the 15th June at Old Trafford.

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