NBCS helped a member secure police involvement and the subsequent arrest of burglars that had cost a business £22,000 and were provoking fear amongst staff.

The Issue

An NBCS member had been burgled 11 times in just over two months, resulting in stolen goods, repair costs and lost trade. Just as importantly, the offences were causing staff considerable alarm and disruption as stores had to be closed for repair.

The cost

Across a two-month period, the burglaries had cost the business £22,000 in stolen goods, repairs to damage, and the loss of trade from the temporary closure of its stores.

How we helped

Having come to us with the problem, our team worked with the member business to establish a pattern of offending. Our experienced investigators collated all the information, linking similar offences to identify any patterns to the crimes.

To its frustration, the business had been unable to persuade the police that these offences were linked, rather than isolated incidents. Having established a detailed file on the incidents, we were able to present the pattern of offending to all the police force areas involved, and we also supplied evidence to support the resulting investigations.

The results

Our involvement helped to elevate the offences through the police tasking process and a policing plan was put into place. As a result, three offenders were arrested and the offences stopped immediately.

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