NBCS worked with a member business to disrupt a refund fraudster known to be offending across multiple police force areas, and costing the business £750 day.

The Issue

Our teams alerted member businesses to a prolific refund fraudster known to be travelling across the country and committing offences.

The cost

The individual was committing around five offences each day, at an average cost of £150 per incident, equating to £750 each day or a staggering £22,812 each month. However, this criminal was known to be travelling extensively and offending against other businesses at a similar cost, so the total loss was likely to be at least double this amount.

How we helped

Having identified the individual we ensured that both our members and the police networks were aware of the criminal’s activity. Sharing images and details of a suspect vehicle, our team also worked with members to monitor its movements as the offender travelled around the country.

By collating the incident data and demonstrating the extent of the offences to the police, we helped to secure police action – which the individual member would have been unable to do as to the offences were spread across numerous police force areas.

Information on the live movements of the vehicle fed by our team to the police led to the vehicle being stopped on two separate occasions. While no stolen property was found, a list of list of stores for similar businesses was found and was thought to include businesses also affected by this criminal’s activity.

The result

We shared details of the offender and the crimes with other businesses, helping them to ensure they could take preventative action in stores likely to be targeted. Having been subject to two police stops and met with preventative action taken within stores, the offender’s activity was disrupted and incidents ceased.

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