Through the forward thinking of Skipton Business Improvement District and the innovation of the National Business Crime Solution, we are very proud to announce the creation of NBCS Connect Skipton.

There has been a shift in the business crime reduction landscape over the past 2 years which was exacerbated by the pandemic, with businesses needing local efforts to reduce crime to be much more joined up than ever before. As we develop our response to local and national threats on behalf of our members, we seek to improve the coverage of our Connect network of BIDs, BCRPs, shopping centres and parks.

The latest addition to our growing Connect network is Skipton BID. Skipton, which is situated in the beautiful surroundings of North Yorkshire, is not the sleepy town that some may think. It is in fact a thriving area full of proud businesses which want to protect their economy and their people. Much like most busy local towns they suffer from crime and disorder and want to make sure they have the right things in place to target harden against criminals and offer the very best protection to business they can. Skipton BID’s leader Geraldine Thompson has embraced the NBCS Connect approach and really gets what we are trying to achieve by building a national local network.

Geraldine said “Skipton BID managed the Business Crime Reduction Partnership in Skipton for nearly 10 years, aiming to reduce shop crime and stop anti-social behaviour. To improve the service Skipton BID continues to offer the BID Businesses, we have partnered with the National Business Crime Solution to access national intelligence as well as local intel and gain greater collaboration with the police and other agencies.  Sharing information is key to achieving the objectives of reducing shop crime and stopping anti-social behaviour; and with the NBCS support the Members of Skipton’s BCRP will benefit by having a dedicated Business Crime Liaison Officer as a point of contact.”

 Skipton businesses will now have the support of NBCS at a local level through our Business Crime Liaison Officer and support team. Whether you are an independent business who is plagued by anti- social behaviour or a national retailer who is being targeted by the local prolific team of drug dependants, we will support you. We will feed your business with accurate and relevant intelligence and trends and support your local police and council with community orders aimed at reducing offending in the area.

NBCS Connect lead Sarah Bird said, “Extending the network into and around the Skipton area is a great move for NBCS and great news for businesses. Only by connecting the local dots across the UK will we make the impact our members need us to make. Geraldine brings a great deal to our network and we are thrilled to welcome all levy payers to our NBCS family.”

Skipton BID joins a growing number of organisations and businesses who are willing to make changes to their business crime reduction strategies to ensure their investors are better protected against crime and risk.

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