Bristol City Centre BCRP join a growing number of BIDs and BCRPs in joining the NBCS Connect network. Businesses across the area will benefit greatly from this newly formed partnership, with commitment from both organisations to deliver the very best information sharing service available.

Bristol BCRP is a joint partnership between Bristol City Centre BID and Bristol Broadmead BID, in a bid to highlight and address the significant crime that affects all local businesses.

The collaboration brings together the police, businesses and the city council to identify crime issues, collate information and intelligence about criminal activity, and agree response plans.

To deliver this, Bristol City Centre BID has invested in the intelligence sharing platform, DISC, and an updated radio system. These both link businesses, the police and the council Operations Centre to share information that helps drive down crime across all business sectors.

The BCRP improves crime prevention and reduction opportunities through better sharing of information, and by nurturing a better relationship and response from local authorities.

Fran Inman at Bristol City Centre BID said
“The Bristol City Centre BCRP is happy to welcome NBCS as a new partner, to reduce crime and to build partnerships locally and nationally to benefit businesses. We look forward to working with you!”

NBCS have many retail members in the Bristol area and by working with the local BCRP we are able to improve data sharing to close the intelligence gaps and provide businesses with a more joined up and collaborative service.

We welcome the team at Bristol with open arms into our network and look forward to forging a very positive partnership.

For more information about Bristol City Centre BCRP click here

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