NBCS Connect is designed to connect local efforts to reduce crime and increase safety on behalf of business members across the UK.

We provide Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs) with a national data sharing infrastructure and a voice to ensure the work done locally is recognised nationwide.

NBCS Connect supports all different set ups and platforms and provides an environment for local partnerships to flourish and grow in line with member need.

We provide crime management support for BIDs and BCRPs which require a little more assistance in delivering services to members.

NBCS Connect has 2 different services including….

Connect Ultimate

Designed for BIDs and BCRPs with an established crime management operation, our Ultimate membership feeds data and intelligence into local BIDs and BCRPs adding value to the existing offering. We stimulate engagement between crime partnerships and key retail decision makers by raising the profile and connecting the right people. Benefits include:

  • Daily crime alerts highlighting organised and travelling offenders posing a risk to your area
  • Retail incident dashboard feeding your operation with data from joint retail members
  • Access to monthly NBCS Trend Calls highlighting trending issues faced by the industry and solutions available to support
  • Monthly Trend report
  • Promotion of your partnership and the good work being done locally across our national network
  • Connect member group sessions providing an environment to share ideas, challenges and opportunities with other Connect members
  • Quality Management System, providing your partnership with operational processes, policies and guidance to ensure your partnership is compliant and as efficient as possible
  • Assessment and Accreditation against the National Standards for Business Crime Reduction Partnerships

Connect Managed

Designed for BIDs and BCRPs which require additional support to deliver their business crime reduction operation. This could be due to reduced resource, an absence of the relevant experience or simply to add an additional layer on continuity to the organisation. Benefits include:

  • Dedicated remote Business Crime Liaison Officer who will act as a central resource and take care of all your BID business crime management including intelligence sharing, data analysis and liaison with members and partners.
  • Full management of your crime reporting and management platform
  • Liaison with key partnership and stakeholders e.g. police and district council
  • Exclusion scheme and offender management
  • All benefits of Connect Ultimate Membership detailed above

Connect Members


For more information on NBCS Connect membership email us.