Worthing Business Improvement District are the latest BID to join NBCS Connect, a nationwide local network of Business Improvement Districts, Business Crime Reduction Partnerships, shopping centres and parks helping businesses across the UK reduce crime and conflict locally.

Worthing BID manages the Worthing Business Crime Reduction Partnership which provides businesses with support through a business crime coordinator, access to the DISC crime management software and radio network, allowing businesses to share real time information and keep abreast of local risks.

Worthing is a lively town centre where businesses want to prosper, something which can be challenging when faced with anti-social behaviour and crime. Worthing BID recognise the importance of supporting businesses to help provide a safe and welcoming place for people to work and visit.

The NBCS continues to work collaboratively with Sussex Police and The Co-operative Group on a ‘One touch reporting’ project with the aim of enabling businesses to report an incident once internally which is automatically triaged and then pushed systemically into policing processes. Throughout the process, NBCS identify local prolific offenders and raise series linked investigations to support police and reduce offending, with many successes attributed already to this trial. Worthing is a key area within this project and by working in partnership with Worthing BCRP, we are sure to see even better results.

By joining forces with NBCS, Worthing BCRP becomes instantly connected to a national sharing infrastructure and receives regular support and data for the benefit of its members. Worthing BCRP hold superior local knowledge and with their expertise we can improve our NBCS Connect network for the benefit of all.

On behalf of the entire network, Welcome!

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