Georgie Barnard
Detective Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police, representing the NPCC lead for business crime.

“If we want to drive down business crime nationally, we need all types of companies to step forward and work with NBCS and the police and share intelligence about the crimes they are experiencing.

The Police Transformation Funding will lay the foundations for that new way of working and I’d encourage everyone in the industry who wants to see an end to the kinds of crime that hurt businesses to get involved. Effective partnership working is key and we are committed to further improving the way we work with the private sector to build upon this success.

Colin Culleton

Group Loss Prevention Manager
Next Plc

“The police response to retail crime at high street level is arguably more confusing than it has ever been. With ongoing cuts to police budgets and inconsistencies in what the police want reported and how, police resource will become even more of a precious commodity and retailers have a responsibility to ensure the demands on police time are proportional to the risk.

Every opportunity we have therefore to collate intelligence and ensure the correct response to habitual, organised thieves must be taken. The collaborative work between the police, retailers and the NBCS is critical to future success in this area.”

The New Year represents a great opportunity to build on the success of 2015 and with the continuing support of our member businesses, as well as DCC Sue Fish in her role as National Policing Lead for Business Crime Reduction, I anticipate that the NBCS will continue to lead the way towards one national model for effective use of multiple source trend data in tackling crime and associated risks.

Lynne Woodgates

Security Solutions & Innovation Manager
Loss, Boots UK

“I have been involved with the NBCS for over 12 months and it has really captured my attention and interest. It is fulfilling a real need for key partnership working to tackle UK crime on a national scale and is providing much needed encouragement for people to think and act differently.

The desire to work collaboratively and genuinely make a difference is something aligned with my own values and reflects what gets me out of bed in the morning. I feel that this position will help me to play an active part in creating the future of this industry as I truly believe the NBCS will be at the heart of this.”

Daniel Hardy

Corporate Crime and Security Manager
J Sainsbury’s

“The NBCS is a key stakeholder in supporting the business and Policing community, driving partnership working in the business crime sphere. 

I’m honoured to be appointed and I will strive to support the NBCS in achieving demonstrable improvement in the prevention and detection of business related crime wherever possible. I look forward to supporting the NBCS on this exciting journey with them being the ‘keystone’ in the business crime hub.”

Andrew Rees

Senior Manager of Central Operational Security, Asda

‘“Through sharing information and best practice with other NBCS members we have seen a real step change in our ability to work collaboratively to reduce cross-border crime, minimise losses and allocate resource to known risk.

By showing how crimes are linked, the NBCS ensures that both businesses and the police are responding to crime patterns in their entirety rather than each being dealt with in isolation.”

Dawn Williams

Matalan Senior Risk Adviser
Central England
and North Wales

‘Over the last 18 months, our stores far and wide have been plagued by a team of prolific shoplifters. On the evening of 23 March 2016, via live updates from our stores, we were finally able to get the pair arrested outside one of our Nottingham branches.

Thanks to the work NBCS put together, linking our data with arrests from other retailers and liaising as one point of contact with all the police forces affected, this duo received custodial sentences of 2 years and 3 months’

Dave Halsall

Head of LP Corporate Protection, Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc

‘Engagement with the NBCS following the recent spate of burglaries and robberies has allowed us to put control measures in place based on intelligence that we otherwise would not have had access to.

The ability to share information with other businesses and for the NBCS to engage with the police on our behalf has proved to be a great tool for
our business.’