Collaborating to reduce Business Crime

The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) is a ‘Not for Profit’ Initiative that provides a collaborative solution to more effectively tackle cross border, serious and organised crime affecting business. By providing a central repository where business crime data is submitted, shared and analysed, the NBCS is able to gather the necessary intelligence and support to more effectively detect, prevent and subsequently respond to crimes affecting the UK’s business community.

It is supported by the National Police Council (formally ACPO) who value the collaborative approach being taken by the NBCS to tackle rising business crime.

NBCS Increases Collaboration with Central Motorway Patrol Group

The NBCS has increased its collaboration with several key partners and the relationship we have built with both the Central Motorway Patrol Group and a number of private sector ANPR companies has led to some significant outcomes. In a recent case, the NBCS worked with these partners to ensure that live time monitoring of a…

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Foreign National Offenders

Shared information is particularly valuable when looking at offences involving foreign national offenders who are known to have very specific targets/MO and who travel extensively across the UK to commit offences. Prior to the NBCS collating these crimes these offences would have gone unnoticed and therefore unpunished. In September 2016 the NBCS helped to coordinate…

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Armed Robberies

NBCS alerts enabled member businesses to see patterns of armed robberies and to put additional security into the stores likely to be affected. The NBCS helped facilitate meetings with the relevant police force to ensure awareness of this series and of the target hardening put in place to reduce offences and help detect those responsible.…

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Card Distraction Thefts from Elderly

The NBCS recently helped coordinate police activity leading to the arrest of a team involved in credit card distraction thefts from the elderly, where the cards were then being used at other members’ stores to purchase high value products. In one incident a stolen card had been used to obtain goods worth over £13,000. Having…

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Significant sentence for ‘car jacking’ team

On 4th March three males were sentenced to 9, 4 and 7 years for a spate of thefts from delivery vehicles. This team were responsible for 19 offences across 4 police force areas with costs of over £80,000. The team had also been involved in ‘car jacking’ four vehicles which they used to commit these…

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