The NBCS Has Two Main Benefits

The Secure and Robust Data Repository

  • One central solution
  • Dashboards to better inform resource to risk
  • Crime mapping
  • Constellation showing linked crime
  • Crime escalation feature and integration with the Intelligence Hub
  • Providing an evidenced based position to lobby Government/strategic policing priorities

The Intelligence Hub

  • Alerts
  • Analysis
  • Monthly reports
  • Collaboration across businesses and law enforcement community
  • Co-ordination across forces where linked crimes are identified
  • Dedicated police liaison
  • Single points of contact
  • Intelligence-led approach
  • Identification of cross-border/serious and organised crime


Businesses are more informed about the potential threats to their business through the dashboards and our regular alerts highlighting potential risks and threats.


The managed service from the NBCS ensures that businesses get greater traction with the police, as the data collated by the NBCS will highlight the full nature and scale of the crimes. Often investigations that are raised involve more than one business and several police forces. The NBCS therefore pull all the relevant information together and appoint a lead force to pull an evidence package together.


The data that is collated provides a strong evidence base that shows the impact of business crime and therefore provides a strong position for the NBCS to lobby on behalf of the UK’s business community.