NBCS Vision

To enable the effective sharing of appropriate data between the Police and the Business community which identifies criminal behaviour, reduces risk to staff and customers and leads to the arrest of offenders.

NBCS will achieve this through its strategic priorities:

  • To establish a fit for purpose central repository for the provision of data sharing recognised by both the Police and the Business Community as the only effective data sharing solution in the UK.
  • Bring together information from across the business sector and combining this with police/public sector intelligence to identify the full nature and extent of the threat faced by businesses.
  • Issue timely information and alerts on crime trends/patterns to enable businesses to take better preventative action and to enable better engagement with Police on cross-border organised criminal networks and trends.
  • To act as a single point of contact between all partners to allow collation of the all relevant information which enables informed understanding and allocation of resources to appropriately manage the identified risks.
  • To be totally funded and controlled by members of the NBCS ensuring that the solution remains an independent not for profit scheme open to all businesses and Government enterprises.