Collaborating to cut crime

The National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) is a ‘Not for Profit’ Initiative that provides a collaborative solution to more effectively tackle cross border, serious and organised crime affecting business.

By providing a central repository where business crime data is submitted, shared and analysed the NBCS is able to gather the necessary intelligence and support to more effectively detect, prevent and subsequently respond to crimes affecting the UK’s business community.

susannah_fishCC Susannah Fish OBE

National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) lead for Business Crime Reduction, Information Sharing and Private Security


“It’s great to see that the collective vision of both the police and business in having one centralised intelligence hub is really starting to connect crimes which would have traditionally been viewed as independent.

The impact on organised crime is also impressive and I am working with my wider law enforcement colleagues to encourage other sectors of the business community to join the NBCS.

The old adage of together we can crack it is really starting to be demonstrated.”